Welcome to Sawparnika Ayurbhavan in Gods Own Country, which is a synonymous with its heritage, culture & tradition. We are housed in a traditional Kerala Architecture structure Nalukettu and carry forward the traditional values of Ayurveda practiced from time immemorial. Now it is being considered as one of the best Ayurvedic treatment Centre with all modern facilities to suite the present life style retaining the traditional values of Ayurveda. To facilitate the comfort of modern living, we offer, currently, nine air-condtioned and non air conditioned rooms.

The centre is fully equipped with modern equipments and essential infrastructure facilities for the best treatment. You can just walk in with your personal effects and get start your treatment. Clean and fully equipped treatment rooms (for men and women separately) with post 24hr monitoring and full attention by resident male and lady doctor. Facilities for yoga and meditation under expert guidance.

Ayurveda - Knowledge of life : Ayurveda the authentic healing science of India, is a living tradition evolved and developed over thousands of years. It represents the ancient wisdom of our sages and seers who were fired by the disinterested passion to find lasting solutions to the ills of the body and mind of human beings and bring about harmony and integration of their personality . The term means knowledge has a spiritual touch about it, as signified by the term 'Veda' which has holy overtones. It was born out of the insights gained by seers like Dhanwanthari who scorned delights and lived laborious days in meditation and contemplation to experiment and explore the cause of maladies which effect mankind and seek remedies for them so as to bring about all round happiness and well being . To them , it was a divine mission and a noble service.

Ayurveda is not just a healing method, but a way of life as well. It talks about how to lead a healthy life. It is not content with suggesting remedies for the cure and care of specific ailments. It also proposes lifestyle to promote health and prevent diseases. Health can be secured in two ways. In the first place the body must be nourished and maintained by good food and correct conduct . Secondly the body must be prevented from disturbances, internal and external,by appropriate medication and curative interventions

Ayurveda represents a dynamic concept which lays stress on simple living and abstinence from synthetic food stuffs. A dynamic balance should be maintained between food , conduct and thought. It is a truly holistic approach which aims at inner harmony through constant and careful protection of the body form imbalances through combined operation of medicines, right living and prayer and meditation . Such an integrated approach constitutes the essence of Ayurveda.