Diabetic Research Centre

Diabetes Clinic

Sawparnika Ayurbhavan has recently introduced a very effective medicine for diabetes. The Specialty of this medicine is that along with time tested ayurvedic medicines, extract from the pancreas of goat is also added. This medicine in addition to fighting diabetes, also improves and strengthens the human pancreas. Its stimulates the pancreas and helps secrete insulin

Why Sawparnika ?

Authentic ayurvedic test stress the fact that body parts of the goat can be effectively used in the treatment of various human diseases. For example, reputed medicine ‘Rasathailam’ is being used for quite some time in the treatment of brain injury, nervous disorders, etc. The main ingredient of ‘Rasathailam’ is the head of goat. Similarly the limps of goat are also used in preparation of medicine for rheumatic complaints affecting human limps. The intestinal parts of goat is also used in the preparation of ayurvedic medicine for intestinal disorders.

Treatment Methodology

The treatment starts with patients consultaion with doctor. As per patient's condition doctor will prescribe dosage of medicine.